PCA 10 Event 26 – Racener Wins $56,260

The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is moving along nicely now, with the Main Event finishing up today and the $25k High Roller now underway, however there have been a number of side events played yesterday, with Event 26 being one of them.

This event was a Pot Limit Omaha Big 08 event that attracted 58 players who were willing to pay the $1,100 buy-in. That number of players meant that there was a $56,260 prize pool for the players to fight it out for.

The player who won the event was 2010 WSOP Main Event runner up John Racener, with him taking home $16k for his well earned victory. Though that figure is not quite up there with the $5.5 million he won at the WSOP, at least this was a first place finish and not a runner up one.

Notables In The Field!

Despite the small field, there were still some fairly big names in the event, with the likes of Allen Kessler, Leif Force and the boy from Brazil Paulo Ribeiro all in the mix. It was in fact the latter that had the task of trying to wrestle the title from Racener during heads up, though he ultimately failed.

The Final Table!

Once the final table was set, it wasn’t too long before we were down to just four players as we lost the other four within just 40 minutes. Out of the door went Mihails Morozovs, Tobias Hausen, Jacob Elmore-Dahl and Leif Force.

With just four remaining, the stacks were quite evenly matched and it took a little while before we saw Tim Finne head out in 4th place. Once he went however the event sparked back into life as the remaining three players starting throwing their chips into the middle at every opportunity.

This eventually led to Allen Kessler being the player to finish in 3rd place; he was eliminated by eventual winner Racener which meant there were now just the last two players left to scrap it out. Racener wasted no time in securing his title though, which was to be expected as by this time he had quite a big chip advantage over his opponent.

How It Finished!

John Racener – $16,000

Paulo Ribeiro – $11,680

Allen Kessler – $11,680

Tim Finne – $5,340

Leif Force – $3,940

Jacob Elmore-Dahl – $2,820

Tobias Hausen – $2,540

Mihails Morozovs – $2,260

Keep coming back as we try and bring you reports on as many of the side events as we can. We cannot promise them all, but we can promise to bring you the more notable ones.