Sands Leading PCA $100k Super High Roller Final Table

The first event at the 2013 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is nearly in the bag as the Super High Roller is now down to just the eight remaining players on the final table. The player that is out in front, and by some margin is David Sands with 6,680,000 in chips, with his closest rival being Nick Schulman on 2,295,000.

The day started with the 37 survivors from Day 1 returning to the felt and a further two re-buys from Jeff Gross and the super aggressive David Benefield which gave us a grand total of 39. That brought the total entries into the event up to 59 and created a prize pool of $5,724,180.

By the end of the day we had lost 31 of those 39 with the first level bringing us three of those eliminations in PokerStars Team Pro Isaac Haxton, Jeff Gross and the unlucky Olivier Busquet. In the case of Gross, this was his second entry, and it didn’t even last a level as he three bet all-in whilst holding the A-Q and was called by the pocket queens of Daniel Negreanu.

During the day we lost some extremely big names, with that to be expected in a tournament that carries such a huge buy-in. We lost Tom Dwan, Jason Somerville, Jonathan Duhamel, Eugene Katchalov and Bertrand Grospellier fairly early on.

PokerStars Team Pro Daniel Negreanu was having a fairly good day, yet he eventually found himself on the rail after getting all of his chips into the middle on a flop of 2h-5d-4s. Gruissem called with the pocket sevens whilst Negreanu was holding the As-Qs. The turn and river fell as the 10s and 4h respectively and Negreanu was out.

The David Sands Show!

Around halfway through the day it was all about David Sands, as he won pot after pot to put himself firmly in control of the event. First he won a 1.4 million pot off of Rajkumar, and then he took on the world’s best in Phil Ivey for a pot of close to three million.

Sands then went and won a huge pot worth nearly four million when up against the newly engaged Vanessa Selbst to send her out of the event. Selbst tried to bluff on a board of Jc-4s-2c-Qc-5c by moving all in to represent a flush, however she had just a pair of fives and Sands did in fact have the nut flush.

This put him well out in front for the final day, which is to be played a little later. We will let you know who wins the event in our very next report, so make sure you come back to find out just who will win the years first big event.

The Final Table!

David Sands – 6,680,000

Nick Schulman – 2,295,000

Phillip Gruissem – 1.610,000

Greg Jenson – 1,500,000

Dan Shak – 870,000

Scott Seiver – 755,000

Cary Katz – 540,000

Vladimir Troyanovsky – 505,000