PCA Champ From 2011 Not Playing This Year

Back in 2011 the American poker pro Galen Hall made a real name for himself by winning the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure and taking home a payout of $2.3 million in the process. However the player will not be able to make it this time around.

Just today he tweeted an announcement stating that he will be missing the event for the first time in three years, though he hopes he will be able to make it in 2014. He wished everybody luck and claimed that the event had been particularly good to him over the years.

That tweet was replied to by Todd Terry who tweeted a rather tongue in cheek response suggesting that any player that has ever won more than $2 million at a particular event is obligated to re-enter the event every year. He was joking of course, probably happy that one of the big threats for the event will not be taking part.

Hall then offered a reason as to why he will not be able to take part, by tweeting that he has to make an unplanned trip to Canada for the weekend with the last two quarters of business school on Monday.

The Event That Made Him!

He was right in admitting that the PCA had been good to him over the years, with it really being the event that has made him nearly a millionaire three times over. He won the event in 2011 for $2.3 million, then went back last year and had another deep run in the event, finishing in 64th place for $32,500 and then managed a fourth place finish in the $100k Super High Roller event for a good payout of $470,400.

The PCA is all set to start on Saturday the 5th of Jan with that very same $100k Super High Roller being the first of the events. The Main Event will be starting a couple of days later on Monday the 7th with it being a $10k buy-in affair and will go on for a complete week until completion.

With the PCA now just days away, the poker world will be getting excited at just who will emerge as the champion. We can’t wait either, as we have been starved of top quality poker events to bring you all updates on. We will be following this and all of the other events that will be taking place this month, so you know exactly where to come if you need your poker fix!