PCA Event 17 NLHE Turbo – Tripp Takes Title

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The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure as most of you will know is more than just about the Main Event and High Roller events, with there in fact being 41 events in total. This means that it would be almost impossible to bring you reports on each and every one of them; however we will try and bring you what is happening in some of the more notable ones when we can.

One such event is Event 17, this was a No-Limit Holdem Turbo affair that commanded buy-ins of $2,150 and attracted a field of 245 players. That delivered a prize pool of $475,300 with the winner at the end of the day being Steven Tripp who banked $79,960, though there was a four way chop at the end.

Notables In The Field!

Any tournament at the PCA is going to have a few notables in it, with this one seeing names such as PokerStars Team Pros Isaac Haxton and Terrence Chan along with other names such as Dan O’Brien, Chino Rheem, and Pierre Neuville.

It was Chino Rheem from those mentioned that finished in the highest position as he was part of the four way chop of the prize pool, he eventually finished in fourth for a credible payout of $67,500. The others we mentioned also earned payouts too, with O’Brien taking home $21,380 for his 6th place finish, Haxton and Chan $8,080 for their 11th and 12th place finishes and Neuville $6,180 for finishing in 15th.

Not the highest scores of their careers no doubt, but still a big improvement on the buy-ins that they paid, so they can certainly not grumble for a day’s work. None of them could compete with Tripp however, so well done to him on a well deserved victory.

How It Finished!

Steven Tripp – $79,960

Nikolaus Teichert – $67,500

Narendra Banwari – $67,500

David Rheem – $67,500

Dana Karlson – $26,140

Dan O’Brien – $21,380

Mayu Roca – $16,640

Kyle Frey – $11,880

Daniel Schmieding – $9,500

Pavel Veksler – $9,500

Isaac Haxton – $8,080

Terrence Chan – $8,080

Reinaldo Abramovay – $7,120

Michael McNeil – $7,120

Pierre Neuville – $6,180

We are now about halfway through the scheduled events at the PCA, with a good selection still to come. We will try and bring you reports on as many as we can, though we will pick out what we feel were the more exciting ones.

Check back tomorrow to see what events we bring, though you know we will certainly be bringing you the latest update on the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event.