PCA Main Event – Danchev Wins First Major Title

The first major title of 2013 has now been decided, with the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event finally coming to an end with the new champion being Dimitar Danchev. He took down $1,859,000 for his fantastic efforts at beating the original field of 987 players and Joel Micka heads up.

It is his biggest live score and in fact his first ever major title, though he did already have more than $1 million in live career earnings. His previous best was a runner up finish at the EPT San Remo and what makes this win so much more impressive is that he won a $700 qualifier to win a seat here.

He came into the day as the second smallest stack, yet managed to consistently climb the ranks to eventually find himself heads up. He will be the first to admit that he did get lucky on a couple of occasions, as he won two big coinflips against his opponent.

How They Started!

Jerry Wong – 7,400,000

Joel Micka – 6,475,000

Andrey Shatilov – 3,220,000

Owen Crowe – 2,900,000

Joao Nogueira – 2,890,000

Yann Dion – 2,535,000

Dimitar Danchev – 1,995,000

Jonathan Roy – 1,525,000

The first player to be eliminated was the Joao Nogueira who has been a revelation himself, considering he made it here via just a $2 investment, winning a series of satellites and then making it all the way to the final table. The 21 year old struggled here though and was knocked out for $165k.

That created a bit of an avalanche as Yann Dion, Andrey Shatilov and Owen Crowe all were quickly evicted, with Shatilov and Crowe going in the same hand against Jerry Wong. Wong then sent Jonathan Roy packing a couple of hands later and we were down to just three remaining.

By this time, Wong had almost two thirds of all of the chips in play, yet that wasn’t to last for too long as he went from 17 million down to just 5 and then sent packing by Joel Micka. That meant that Micka was now well placed to take down the title as he had the lead at the start of heads up with Danchev.

He lost a few hands however and relinquished that lead, which is when the chips all went in to the middle on one big coinflip. Danchev was holding the Ad-Qh and Micka the pocket fours, with all that was required now was the community cards to practically decide the winner whichever way it fell. Those cards came down as 6s-As-2c-Tc-7s and Danchev and his rail went crazy.

How It Finished!

Dimitar Danchev – $1,859,000

Joel Micka – $1,190,000

Jerry Wong – $725,000

Jonathan Roy – $560,000

Owen Crowe – $435,000

Andrey Shatilov – $325,000

Yann Dion – $230,000

Joao Nogueira – $165,900