PCA Main Event Day 3 – Silver looking For Gold (vids)

Max Silver in PCA 2014

We are now down to just 78 players in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event after the players that had managed to successfully progress to Day 3 had to again be chopped down in size and negotiate the tough money bubble.

Once the action had finished it was the consistent performer Max Silver that held the chip lead after bagging up a very impressive 1,453,000 chips.

He heads a top ten that also includes Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Selbst, a player that has been in superb of late and actually finished in third place in the PCA Super High Roller a few days back. She will be looking to go one better this time around but still has plenty of work to do.

She is not the only Team PokerStars Pro to still be involved either as Angel Guillen, Marcel Luske and Liv Boeree will be joining her on Day 4. Other big names also progressing include Matt Stout, Loni Harwood, Mike McDonald and Chris Klodnicki.

The bubble period was also broken today with only the top 151 players doing enough to make it into the paying positions. Many players busted before the bubble whilst a good few actually made the money before busting out. The most notable eliminations today were that of Team PokerStars Pros Jason Mercier, George Danzer and Leo Margets. They will now look ahead to the High Roller that starts up tomorrow.

Join us tomorrow so that we can enlighten you on who is approaching a place on the final table. With many big names still left in we are expecting a high level of quality in the poker later today.

The Current Top Ten

1st) Max Silver – 1,453,000

2nd) Roger Teska – 1,406,000

3rd) Kyle Sorel – 1,132,000

4th) Renato Almeida – 927,000

5th) Vanessa Selbst – 911,000

6th) Yuri Martins – 884,000

7th) Mark Ioli – 850,000

8th) Shyam Srinivasan – 811,000

9th) Madis Muur – 800,000

10th) Robert Auer – 790,000

The Remaining Payouts

1st) 1,820,420

2nd) 1,101,080

3rd) 774,060

4th) 581,040

5th) 447,040

6th) 328,020

7th) 242,020

8th) 173,220

9th) 135,400

10th – 11th) 112,400

12th – 13th) 100,700

14th – 15th) 90,700

16th – 17th) 80,700

18th – 20th) 70,700

21st – 23rd) 60,700

24th – 27th) 50,900

28th – 31st) 43,300

32nd – 39th) 37,600

40th – 55th) 32,000

56th – 71st) 27,100

72nd – 83rd) 22,800