PCA Main Event Day 4 – Muur Leads Final 20 (vids)

PCA 2014

Day 4 at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event saw some massive changes in the order as the field of 78 players all tried their best to finish the day as one of the 20 survivors. That meant we had to see 58 of them head out of the event, but at least they all made a profit by cashing.

The new leader after Day 4 is Madis Muur on 3,515,000 though with a former EPT champion in Mike McDonald right on his tail with 3,432,000.

Right behind those two in the top ten is the likes of Antoine Saout, Max Silver and Fabian Ortiz, which means Day 5 is already promising to be a tight affair. The leaders are not too far in front and a double up is enough to put anyone in the top seven right at the top of the pile.

It was a bad day for some at the tables on Day 4, as out went Liv Boeree, Angel Guillen, Marcel Luske and Vanessa Selbst who actually started the day as one of the chip leaders.


Some of those who were eliminated jumped straight into the PCA High Roller such as Vanessa Selbst, so they didn’t have too much time to dwell on being sent out of this event.

Day 5 will charge the remaining 20 players to get themselves firmly planted onto the official final table of eight. This is where the big money starts coming in and the players can star realistically believing they have a shot at an EPT Main Event title.

The Current Top Ten

1st) Madis Muur – 3,515,000

2nd) Mike McDonald – 3,432,000

3rd) Antoine Saout – 2,432,000

4th) Pascal Lefrancois – 2,401,000

5th) Max Silver – 2,359,000

6th) Shyam Srinivasan – 2,129,000

7th)Fabian Ortiz – 2,000,000

8th) Isaac Baron – 1,556,000

9th) Daniel Alcazar – 1,494,000

10th) Dominik Panka – 1,474,000

What They Are Playing For

1st) – $1,820,420

2nd) – $1,101,080

3rd) – $774,060

4th) – $581,040

5th) – $447,040

6th) – $328,020

7th) – $242,020

8th) – $173,220

9th) – $135,400

10th -11th) – $112,400

12th – 13th) $100,700

14th – 15th) $90,700

16th – 17th) $80,700

18th – 20th) – $70,700