PCA Main Event Day 5 – Wong Leading The Final Table

We are getting extremely close to discovering who the next PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event champion is, with us now down to the last eight to take part on the final table later today. We got to that number after the 21 survivors all returned to the action yesterday and were slowly but surely reduced right down.

The man sitting right at the very top of the tree going into the last day’s action is Jerry Wong, after he managed to build a large stack of 7,400,000. He is just under a million ahead of his closest competitor as Joel Micka has 6,475,000.

Notables Eliminated On Day 5!

There may have been just 21 players on Day 5, but there were some big names none the less. However, only eight of them could make it to that final table so we inevitably were going to lose thirteen of them. We lost Michael Lipman, Mohsin Charania, Olivier Busquet and the ever talkative Eddy Sabat to name just a few, with them all now having to wait another year before attempting this tournament again.

The player coming into the day with the chip lead was Dimitar Danchev; however he struggled for most of the day and actually finished Day 5 with half of the chips he had at the start of play. He is still involved though and will still be considered a big threat for the title.

Apart from the leading two, the rest of the field is quite evenly stacked so it will be interesting to see which players from that chasing stack are able to mount a serious challenge on the title. These players are all more than capable of doing just that, though it is difficult to pick out which one will do it.

This event has certainly been action packed so far and we still have the business end to see out, with the winner set to make a perfect start to their live tournament play in 2013.

The Final Table!

Joao Nogueira – 2,890,000

Dimitar Danchev -1,995,000

Andrey Shatilov – 3,220,000

Owen Crowe – 2,900,000

Jerry Wong – 7,400,000

Jonathan Roy – 1,525,000

Joel Micka – 6,475,000

Yann Dion – 2,535,000

Make sure you come back tomorrow to see who managed to win the first big event of 2013; we will be providing a full and accurate report on just what goes down on the last and most important bit of action in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event.