PCA Women’s Event – Lupascu Delighted With Win

On a busy day at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure yesterday, what with the Main Event being completed, the $25k High Roller getting right down to its final table, and a few other events being played, the one we want to talk about here is the Women’s Event.

This was the second day of the event, with the first actually reducing the original field of 66 players right down to the final table of 6, which was to be played here.

The Final Table!

Marguerite Spagnuola – 179,600

Valerie Jensen – 129,900

Jamie Kerstetter – 106,300

Corina Lupascu – 100,000

Lexy Gavin – 79,000

Bernadette Martino – 65,800

The Action Underway!

It was high octane stuff, right from the get go, with Kertetter picking up some big pots early on from both Gavin and the eventual winner Lupascu. We then saw both Martino and Gavin get involved in a big pot, with all of the chips going into the middle. Gavin was holding pocket queens and got lucky to hit a third on the river to leave her opponent with no more than 4k in chips.

Martino was not about to give up though, as she quickly doubled up when up against Gavin again, she then went and did it again against Lupascu and even a third time against Spagnuola.

The first to go was Lexy Gavin, she lost a coinflip against Jensen with her A-2 not being able to beat the Q-7 of her opponent. It wasn’t long before we had our next elimination either as Martino tried to double up again but this time ended up on the losing side. Her top pair on the board was good when she put the money in, yet her opponent Jensen rivered the flush.

Kerstetter was the lady to finish in fourth place, running her suited A-Q into the pocket rockets of Jensen. This meant that Jensen was now responsible for all of the eliminations on the final table thus far, whilst she was also the chip leader. It wasn’t to last though as she took a couple of beats and was eventually the short stack.

She was in fact the very next player to go out, with her having no choice but to push all in with the 5d-5s. She was called by the Ah-Kd of Spagnuola and would have been distraught to see the board come down as Ad-As-8h-Qc-8d.

This gave Spagnuola the chip advantage going into heads up against Lupascu, but her opponent was not about to hand her the event. In fact Lupascu won a few large pots from her opponent and then even doubled up through her which completely crippled her.

She pushed all of her chips into the middle with the 7h-6h, she was called by Lupascu’s Ad-9c and the board fell as Ks-2c-8s-9h-Qc. That meant that Lupascu was now the new PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Women’s champion, with her prize being $22,420.

How It Finished!

Corina Lupascu – ($22,420)

Marguerite Spagnuola – ($14,080)

Valerie Jensen – ($8,320)

Jamie Kerstetter – ($6,080)

Bernadette Martino – ($4,480)

Lexy Gavin – ($3,200)

Xuan Liu – ($2,880)

Tracy Rouse – ($2,560)