PCA World Cup Of Poker – Russia Rules

One of the most anticipated events at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure was played out yesterday, with the World Cup Of Poker eventually being won by Russia as they finished just ahead of Germany and Tajikistan in an ultra close contest.

The event consisted of each nation having to undergo a series of SNG’s to achieve points; with the team at the top of the leader board at the end awarded the title.

Germany as they normally are in a World Cup, were right in the mix in the latter stages, they needed to beat Canada in the last round and hope that Tajikistan would not win. However, as it turned out Germany couldn’t get past Canada which meant that Russia were now leading and would win the event as long as Tajikistan lost both of their remaining matches.

Tajikistan were looking good in this tournament already, with one of their players having already wrapped up the ‘Most Valuable Player’ award. That award may have paid him out $2,500, yet he was unable to inspire the team on to win one of the final two matches and that meant that Russia were crowned the new champions.

Their very last match was against the Belgians, which was in fact the very last match in the whole event. All they needed was a win and the title was theirs, yet they were eliminated one by one which had the Russians celebrating as each one went out.

The team was awarded a payout of $90,000 which meant a healthy payout of $22,500 for each member of the team.

The rest of the teams will now have to listen to their Russian counterparts bragging for a whole year, until they are given another chance to take home the title for themselves and of course for their country.

How It Finished!

Russia – 222 pts

Germany – 218 pts

Tajikistan – 217 pts

Belgium – 215 pts

Bulgaria – 215 pts

Canada – 201 pts

Japan – 195 pts

Brazil – 178 pts

As usual the event was played out with a friendly sense of rivalry, with the event proving to be just as successful and popular as always. It is no wonder that this event is one of the more popular, not only at the PCA but on the whole poker calendar. It is down to the whole team aspect, with the added bonus of representing your country.

Perhaps next year, there will be a UK team, so that we have somebody to support!