Petrushin Win In Barcelona – English Poker Open Underway

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Season four of the European Masters Of Poker has been going on quietly while some of the more popular have been getting all the attention. It is only fair to let you know that the winner on this occasion was the Russian Sergei Petrushin.

This event was being held at the Gran Casino in the city of Barcelona in Spain where the €1,100 event finally went to heads up between Petrushin and Josep Maria Galindo Lopez. Both Players decided to cut a deal with each other leaving just €10,000 extra going to the victor.

After a heads up session that lasted over two hours the final hand finally came, Petrushin raised to 200k before the flop Galiando decided to push all-in. Petrushin asked for a countdown just to establish whether or not he would still have any chips left once he called, once it was established he would he made that call.

Petrushin was holding the Kd-Qc whilst Lopez had the Ad-8h, though the board fell with a king on board as it read Kc-3c-3s-4d-2d giving Petrushin the pot, the title and that extra 10k to bring his winnings to € 56,875.

The Final Standings!

Sergei Petrushin – €56,875

Jose Maria Galindo Lopez – €48,405

Joakim Rahmouni – €25,750

Yosef Lamosh – €15,680

Damien Collins – €12,320

Marc Gonzalez – €9,520

Adrian Nunez – €8,400

Alexander Scherdin – €7,280

Kevin Droz – €6,160

The EMOP now heads towards it very last stop of the season when it arrives in Dublin, Ireland on November 16, it runs for two days and will be a €1,000 + €100 buy-in.

English Poker Open £250k Guaranteed Underway!

The first flight of a two flight Day 1 has just started in the London Poker Festival with the English Poker Open. The £2,000 + £180 Main Event started at 2pm and will play out nine one hour levels before finishing up for the night. The second flight will get underway tomorrow at the same time.

Some big poker names are expected to be seen during the next two days at the English Poker Open Main Event such as Praz Bansi, WPT Champ Surindar Sunar, James “Flushy” Dempsey, November Niner James Akenhead and Irish open Champ James Mitchell.

Though it may not attract as much of the limelight as some of the other tournaments being played out right now, the events that have been staged in the London Poker Festival so far have been of a very high standard with some of the world’s best players making an appearance. They also know how to put on a show at this festival with plenty of tournaments and a whole host of entertainment.