Phil Galfond loses $800k to samrostan at 8-Game tables

EV60_Day 01

There is a good reason for why even the best poker professionals fear variance, as downswings can strike at any time and without notice. Two days after raking impressive profits online, Phil Galfond lost a huge amount that completely offset all the gains posted this month.

samrostan was the one who beat Phil of $833,000 in two sessions, with the first one being the most profitable one for the Macau based player. The games began shortly after midnight at 8-Game tables and came to an end at 9am, with Galfond bleeding chips throughout the session. Truth be told, he was never ahead and didn’t have a real chance of clawing his way back into the race, yet he was disappointed when his opponent decided to call it a day.

The two players took the day off to recuperate their strength after the nocturnal marathon, met again in the evening. The second session was much shorter but equally profitable for samrostan who rounded out his profits with another $140,000 to take his overall profits to $833k. Galfond’s frustration mounted as he found it impossible to win big pots and after four hours of play, he accepted defeat and left the table.

No other poker professional came even close to samrostan but there was plenty of action online last night and several other players won six digit amounts. Viktor Blom lost a lot of money in the first two weeks of December but as he dealt with Rui Cao and Harry Cassagrande, he won $90,000 at $50/$100 PLO and 2-7 Triple Draw tables against Cao who is trying to end his own slide this month, and a bit over $70,000 against Cassagrande. At the end of the day he was $164,000 up.

Full Tilt Poker was the place where the biggest wins and losses occurred, with samrostan outstripping his fellow poker professionals. He won more than all the other pros combined and took his winnings in December above the psychological threshold of $1 million. Elsewhere, poker players won tens of thousands of dollars, but only “Tim0thee” crossed the line into the six digits area to win $122,000.

“Lottenice” was among his victims, but he found the strength to offset the amount lost to “Tim0thee” at other tables to finish the day with a nice pay cheque of $75,000. This grants him a place on the list of yesterday’s most successful players.

samrostan +$833.4k

Isildur1 +$164.4k

Tim0thee +$122.6k

Lottenice +$75.1k