Phil Ivey Opens Up In Interviews (vids)

Reporter holding mic

Phil Ivey has recently done a few short video interviews with Bluff Magazine with the player who many regard as the greatest of all time letting his fans get to know a little bit more about his life, goals and thoughts.

He answers a range of questions such as his plans going forward and the players he feels are his closest poker playing friends.

The first part of the interview sees Ivey talking about his plans with Ivey Poker and the other side interests that he has right now. He states that he has a lot of time to concentrate on these businesses right now simply because there is not much poker going down in the US, and as he mainly plays High Rollers or high stakes cash games it means having to travel to Macau to do so.

Next up he is quizzed about how he started out in poker, how he slept under a boardwalk on a couple of occasions, if he is bothered he has to wait until he is 40 before being inducted into the Poker Hall Of Fame and whether or not he knows Dan Bilzerian who recently claimed Ivey was broke.


The third instalment sees him discuss how he has grown up a little in respects of going out partying, his unsuccessful prop bets, who his best friends in poker are and why he feels its not a good idea to have too many close friends when playing high stakes poker.

The final part of the interview sees Ivey discuss the sort of legacy he wants to leave with regards to poker, why he thinks the WSOP is so special and why he thinks he still believes he has what it takes to not only win more bracelets than Phil Hellmuth but even win as many as 30 bracelets in his poker career.

It remains to be seen but we do feel that Ivey has what it takes to at the very least beat Hellmuth in the WSOP bracelet stakes though we are sure Mr. Hellmuth himself may have something to say about that.