Pilgrim Wins The APAT European Championship Of Amatuer Poker Main Event

For those of us that are based in the UK, we have had a really good summers worth of sports which is soon to be ended with the completion of the Paralympics. So in a way it is very fitting that wheelchair bound poker player Carl Pilgrim has taken down the main event of the APAT European Championship Of Amateur Poker.

The event was held in the Dusk Till Dawn Poker Club in Nottingham and has been a huge success.

In our round up we will bring you the results from some of the more notable events that were played. We had Wayne Smith winning the Stud Championship, to take Gold, whilst the Silver went to Weswell Ellis and the Bronze went to Chem Tam.

Stud Championship Results:

1 Wayne Smith £715

2 Weswell Ellis £443

3 Chen Tam £255

4 Warren Jones £170

5 Carl Pilgrim £119


Next we had the European Amateur Team Championship, this was held by using a range of different formats and games of poker. There were sit n goes for Hold’em and Omaha, some heads up matches and even a multi table tournament.

It ended with the Republic Of Ireland winning the Gold, England recovered from a poor start to eventually take Silver and Italy taking the Bronze.

Following this we had the ECOAP Six-Max Championship, the event started with a field of 165, Suzanne Hayward was the eventual winner and took Gold, Peter Thorpe gained his second Silver of the tournament and Sharon Roberts took down the Bronze.

The Final Standings:

Suzannae Hayward – £2,527

Peter Thorpe – £1,464

Sharon Roberts – £905

Matthew Dent – £604

Stuart Oliver – £453

Kevin O’Hanlon – £339

Finally we had the Main Event, this had 276 entrants and by the end of the first days play there were just 53 who had survived. Once the final table had been reached we had Pat Kelley leading the field with 1.5 million in chips.

However, by the end of play as we already know it was Carl Pilgrim who took the Gold and the sum of £7,700 for his efforts. He managed to beat out Dean Mardon in the heads up session, who subsequently took Silver.

Pilgrim also won the Player Of The Series award due to his all round performance across a selection of events; he also made a final table in the Stud Championship. His Player Of the Series prize was a £600 seat in next year’s ISPT Tournament to be held at Wembley Stadium.

1 Carl Pilgrim £7,714

2 Dean Mardon £4,510

3 Pat Kelley £2,706

4 Colin Morris £1,899

5 Liam Crawford £1,424

6 Mark Baker £1,068

7 Maria Demetriou £831

8 Andy Barnes £593

9 Brian Yates £475