Play It The Romanello Way

One of the best things about poker is the way that it is constantly evolving, with new formats and variations often being created. The latest attempt at evolving the game that we all love will be making its debut at the Dusk Till Dawn club in the UK on the 10th of January.

The new tournament variation was created by Britain’s top poker professional Roberto Romanello, with him so confident that it will be successful he has trademarked it. The idea is to have three separate buy-ins and prize pools in one tournament, which would allow many of the players that cannot afford the bigger buy-ins the chance to mix it with some of the best players in the world.

How it works is that there would be three buy-ins of for an example $10/$50/$100, each player would be able to select which buy-in they want to enter into. Those buy-ins would then create three prize pools; however this is where it gets a little bit complicated.

If a player opted to just pay $10, that money would go into the first prize pool. If they opted for the $50 buy-in, the first $10 from that buy-in would go into the first pool and the rest into the second pool of money. Finally, anyone that went for the $100 buy-in would see the first $10 go into the first pool, the next $50 go into the second pool and the remaining into the third pool.

The tournament would then go on as normal with each player pitting their wits against each other and starting with identical chip stacks. Yet the difference would be that a player that had only entered the $10 could only be paid out from the prize pool he entered whilst a player who paid the $50 buy-in would be able to win from each of the two pools his money went in to and the player that did the biggest prize pool would get paid from all three.

A Brainwave Three Years Ago!

Romanaello claims that this creation is not something new to him, he actually thought it up several years back but wasn’t sure how to turn it from an idea into reality. He eventually approached the senior management at the DTD club, and they loved the idea.

They feel it will be a huge success because it would benefit both the top player and the up and coming poker player, as the field would be softened up a little, whilst the new players would get the chance to play against the very best in the business.