Player Reactions To The Lederer Files

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Ever since the exclusive interview Pokernews released with Howard Lederer there has been a substantial amount of fallout, especially from fellow professional players. Literally within a few hours of the final installment being aired players were putting their own opinions across via the internet.

The usually outspoken Daniel Negreanu was tweeting his very own opinions on what Lederer had to say for himself, John Juanda was tweeting his anger at the accusations made against him whilst Barry Greenstein spoke out on behalf of his good friend Phil Ivey on a popular poker forum.

Negreanu On Ivey!

Negreanu has stated that he has had several conversations with many of the players that were mentioned in the interview and has claimed that all of these allegations will certainly be challenged. Negreanu has gone as far to say that the management and board of Full Tilt Poker in place immediately after Black Friday had committed serious and premeditated crimes.

Negreanu said that there were several comments made in the interview that he knows as fact are complete and utter lies, which were made to simply make him look like the only person trying to save FTP whilst literally throwing everybody else under the bus.

He also went on that he had spoken to Ivey who was obviously not very happy with what has been said in this interview. Negreanu also promised that when we hear Ivey’s side of the story we will see that he wanted nothing to do with the criminal plans that Lederer, Ray Bitar and Chris Ferguson had in mind.

Negreanu On Juanda!

He also claimed that he really cannot wait until some of the players start to speak out. Negreanu also claimed that Juanda was extremely offended by the comments that were made against him, claiming that the poker did the right thing. He believes he was morally right to refuse to pay back the money owed to Full Tilt Poker if it was only going to go towards paying the board and managements $200k per month salaries rather than going back to the players that had been defrauded.

In Negreanu’s opinion the fact that the company was still taking money from new deposits when they had no money themselves was the biggest crime. He claims the press releases from the site straight after black Friday had told players that all players funds were safe and secure was a blatant lie and criminal.

This will certainly not be the last we will hear regarding the “Lederer Files”, Negreanu is never one to sit quietly so it is always going to be expected that he will speak out first. However, we wait in anticipation to find out what Ivey, Juanda and the rest of the players involved are going to say.