Partouche Poker Tour ME: Player Unrest Heading For Day 2

The Partouche Poker Tour first day flights are now over and we are heading to Day 2 in Cannes, with 119 players of the original 560 progressing. This number was much lower than the organizers had hoped which meant that there was a lower prize pool than which they advertised.

They were expecting a prize pool of more than $5 million, yet only managed to get around $4.3 million for the $8,500 buy-in event.

The biggest chip stacks that will be involved on Day 2 include Antoine Saout with 374,700 chips, Paul Tedeschi with 384,200 and David Williams who holds 321,200.Tedeschi will start the day as chip leader but as you can see he is not a clear leader as of yet.

As for some of the more notable names that were taking part during the first flights and made it through to Day 2, we had Michael Mizrachi, Tom Alner, Andrew Lichtenberger, David Vamplew, Fabrice Soulier and Justin Bonomo.

Who We Lost!

The biggest shock would have to be the elimination of Tom “Durrrr” Dwan who was a late starter on Day 1b. He may now be thinking that he shouldn’t have even bothered after being eliminated in his first hand of the day. He held pocket kings and was unaware that his opponent was holding pocket aces, all of the chips went into the pot and Dwan didn’t improve his hand and walked out of the tournament just a few minutes after he walked into it.

Another elimination was that of the British poker pro Sam Trickett, who is actually the previous winner of this event. Trickett, who was also the runner up in the WSOP One Drop taking down $11 million, didn’t have the success he would have hoped for this time around.

He actually tweeted after he was eliminated “Ahhh I am out, not the best of days today. I was card dead which was a shame because the table I was on was pretty soft” he then went on to add that he will now be spending the next two weeks on his sofa, probably playing online at PokerStars. We think that after the success he has had this year he certainly does deserve a little bit of a break.

Day 2 was also steeped in a bit of controversy due to the prize pool not being as it was expected, many of the players feeling a little bit unhappy with that aspect. Justin Bonomo was one of those angered as he sent a tweet saying that if the prize pool is not fixed he will not be playing at that event ever again and that he will keep spreading his bad words about the event.