Players Invited To Test Out PokerStars 7

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For those of you that did not know, PokerStars, the world’s leading online poker site has been developing a new client known as PokerStars 7 for the past couple of years. It has now moved on to finally allow players to test the software for themselves in real money play in the alpha testing phase.

News of PokerStars 7 first came about in 2012 with many 2+2 forum posters giving their opinions on what was then just a couple of screenshots.

Alpha testing has been underway for more than a year now, though privately, and this is the first time that the new software is open for everybody to use and test for either real money or play money. PokerStars revealed the invitation in a thread on 2+2 at the end of March explaining just how players can get around to trying out the new software.

This invitation also revealed that those who test the software can join a private discussion forum to share any bugs that they may have found or share their opinions on the new features on the client.

Simplified For New Players

The main direction of the change is being aimed at making the whole process of signing up and getting to a poker table far easier for new players. Everything has been designed for that purpose, though with a whole new feel and a host of new features that should impress older players too.

The whole menu system has been revamped whilst players are now able to hit a “quick seat” button that will take them directly to a table without having to search through lists of them. Additionally there will be a new “favourites” system that will allow you to lock in your preferred stakes, types of tables etc, again saving you the time of manually looking through the tables yourselves.

All in all, it looks very fresh and we are sure it will prove to be a hit with players both old and new. Some may not like change but with the emergence of mobile poker and tablet technology, this is the direction that online poker will have to go in.