Playing Poker During Traffic Jam (pics)

traffic jam

We have all been stuck in traffic jams and know the frustration it can bring, so just imagine being stuck with nowhere to go for more than three hours. This is what happened in Los Angeles recently but rather than get all flustered and let the situation get to them, many drivers took set about creating their own entertainment.

Last Friday in downtown Los Angeles, a freeway was closed for hours leaving many motorists stuck in position with nowhere to go and nothing to do. However, many of the people stuck decided to take it upon themselves to create their own entertainment, with one of the best being a game table of Texas Hold’em poker being set up.

According to the LA Times, the freeway was closed in both directions at 3.50pm on Friday due to a man who was standing dangerously on the edge of one of the overpasses. Police and authorities were thankfully able to eventually get him down and detain him but it did take a good few hours as the man was eventually taken away at 7.15pm.

Whilst that was all going on, many of the motorists that were literally stranded decided to pass the time in their very own styles. The ace in the pack was that of a poker table being set up, allowing any motorists that fancied a few hands to join in.

Sarah Jung took a picture of the Texas Hold’em poker game and posted it to her Instagram account. This picture did cause some confusion initially as it was being mistaken for a taco stand on the freeway and not a poker table.

The photo went semi-viral and was posted up onto a local TV network’s Facebook page being described a man setting up a taco stand. Jung was quick to point out that it was actually a game of poker that was taking place and not the sale of tacos.

Jung said to the LA Times “Everyone seems to think it was a taco stand, I would love to clear up the fact that it was a Texas Hold ‘Em table and not a taco stand.”

Jung’s boyfriend, Sun-Ho Pak also spent his time having a bit of fun. He took the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream of being in his very own R.E.M. music video and posted it on Instagram.

We obviously hope that the man detained is okay and receiving the help that he needs and it seems that the people stranded really did just take the whole event in their stride.