Poker Bites – Playing Monster Hands (vid)

boom hand replayer

The latest PokerSchoolOnline ‘Poker Bites’ video was released recently following on from the previous one that we shared a little while back that saw PokerStars Team Pros discussing a well documented Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier hand.

This time around the hand which was uploaded to BoomPlayer by an anonymous player was once again talked through by PokerStars Team Pros Randy “nanonoko” Lew, Felix “xflixx” Schneiders and Isaac “Ike Haxton” Haxton with each of them giving their views on how the player played the hand.

The hand itself which was described as a very sweet set-up by Felix “xflixx” Schneiders is one not to be missed as it finished up with three players holding monster hands. We can just imagine the reactions of the two losing players as well as the delight for the winning player.

The player being discussed had quad three’s, whilst his two opponents make full houses, leading to the former being paid off rather handsomely.

The hand begins with the player being dealt pocket 3’s in the small blind and the players all discuss what his best move from there should be. They all pretty much agree that a call is suffice in that situation rather than a raise.

The flop increases the player’s chance of winning when the flop comes as the 3s-Ad-9h. The Team Pros again agree to the players ‘check’ in this position as he is first to go and has the original re-raiser to act behind him. As it happens, all players check to see the turn.

The turn sees the 3c fall which gives the player the nut hand of quads. Here the players again agree that the player should not jam all-in but instead bet around half of his stack. The player this time opts to check, the first time that the pros have disagreed with his play but he gets lucky when another player raises into the pot giving him another chance to raise, which he does.

The flop falls as the Kh and all pros are in agreement that this is the time to shove, yet the player in question makes a smaller bet leaving some of his stack remaining. He again is saved when the players behind him both raise, which when you see their cards you will well understand why.

It is an amazing hand and the player played it fairly well, though he will hopefully take on the views of the Team Pros despite coming away with max value from the hand.