Poker Is Not A Game Of Chance Declares Judge In New York

In recent news a New York Federal judge has thrown a case out of court after claiming that poker is a game of skill and not of chance.

Of course this is what every poker player on the planet already knew, however for it to come from the mouth of someone in such a position such as a judge, it could make a bit of a difference on whether online poker is ever made legal again in America.

All poker players know that although poker involves money, it is a game of skill that involves a little bit of luck. Any hand can win in each and every situation thrown up in poker; it is about mental strength, deception and the ability to read people.

How It Happened

Federal Judge Jack Weinstein was presiding over a case in which somebody was arrested and charged for holding a game of poker out of a warehouse in New York. When the case came to court though, the Judge eventually overturned all charges and released the man by declaring that poker should not be included in the illegal gaming business act.

This has brought about precedence through the courts and with it has brought some applause from the poker world. They feel that perhaps the tide may start to turn, though it is still very early days.

Part of the judgment came after lawyers admitted that Einstein presented a huge 120 page report on why poker is not a game of chance, and rather a game of talent. The report had an in depth description whilst some reports and studies regarding the game of poker.

This report is said by lawyers to show exactly why poker is in such a clear way different to game of chance, especially in regards to any laws.

One part of the report states “that in poker an increased proficiency at the game will always have a positive effect on the chance of winning any given hand”. It goes on to state “somebody who is an expert with regards to poker will draw on many different skills, mathematical competency, has a good natural ability with human psychology, has the ability to read and predict what people will do and will have high levels of deceptive qualities”

There was also a study that was carried out through 103 continuous hands of poker, where out of all of these hands, only 25 percent of them went to the showdown, the showdown is the part of the game that involves luck. So from just this study alone it showed that poker is 75 percent skill and 25 percent luck.