Poker Night In America Episode 3 (vid)

scattered poker chips recently uploaded their third episode of their weekly television show ‘Poker Night in America’ that is aired over in America to their website.

We have brought it here for those of you that may have missed it or do not have access to it. This episode goes along with the first couple of episodes that we provided for you last week. Whilst last week concentrated on getting the group of players such as Shaun Deeb, Kirsty Arnett, Tom Schneider, Mike Matusow and Greg Mueller as a whole, this time around they spent their time concentrating on Kirsty Arnett individually.

The show teaches us a little bit more about the popular PokerNews reporter, her background and her love for the game of poker. It concentrates on a selection of her hands during Poker Night in America, with many of them showing just how much of a competent player she has become over the years.

In one hand she manages to take down a pot when holding pocket sevens to put Shaun Deeb in his place who had made a pair of sixes on the flop. She also manages to push a certain Tom Schneider off of his hand when holding pocket tens.

During her college days, Kirsty quickly found love in both writing and playing poker, a combination that would come together not too long after she had graduated. She has written and reported for a number of highly regarded poker sites and currently is a regular for Pokernews where she flies all over the world to report on the most well known poker tournaments.

Besides her work away from the tables, she has always been a keen player too and through her career has been able to pick up advice whilst playing against the very best in the business.

She will be the first to admit that her modest earnings of $15,000 from the felt are not the greatest but you have to remember that she is a reporter/journalist first and foremost and does not have the time to fully commit to poker as of yet.

We do feel that with the company that she keeps, she will develop into a very good poker player over time and perhaps once she gets to a certain level she can spend more time playing it rather than reporting on it.


We will bring you the very next episode next week most probably but it will be as soon as upload it, as we know that poker fans in the UK probably do not have access to this show via their television sets.