Poker Night In America Episode 4 (vid)

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Following on from our first couple of articles regarding the Poker Night in America television show that is being aired on CBS in America, we are now able to bring you Episode 4 with it being the one that witnessed a huge blowup from Mike Matusow.

The episode was originally aired back on the 13th July but has since been uploaded to the Poker Night in America website so that those of us that are not based in America get to see all of the action.

The show concentrates itself around an invitation only cash poker game that includes some big names from the world of poker including Matt Glantz, Greg Mueller, Shaun Deeb, Tom Schneider and Mike Matusow and on this occasion the latter had a well documented blow up after being slow rolled by Shaun Deeb.

Known as “The Mouth” for this very thing, Matusow shared his true feelings at the move through the use of aggressive and foulmouthed dialogue.

It all began after Matusow had already lost a large pot to Tom Schneider and was down to his last $5k at the table. He was visibly not in a good mood anyway when finding himself involved in a pot holding pocket jacks against the pocket fives of Deeb.

Deeb managed to flop quads when the board showed 10-5-5 and then once the turn card of 4c fell, Matusow was already drawing dead. Matusow went all-in, still believing he had the best hand but rather than calling quickly, Deeb purposely slow rolled his opponent before making the call.

In fairness to Deeb, he made his intentions to slow roll to many at the table and he thought it would be funny and was not expecting the reaction that he got from Matusow. He shortly left the table and threatened to quit the show but he was eventually talked back by a few of the players after a break from the table.

That action was certainly the highlight of this episode but there were plenty of other interesting hands and discussion between the players to keep you all entertained.


We will bring you episode 5 of Poker Night in America once it has been uploaded to their website. Hopefully it will bring just as much entertainment as this one did, though we are pretty sure Matusow did not find the whole thing funny.