Poker Night in America Episode 5 (vid)

American flag with poker chips

The fifth episode of Poker Night in America has now been made available and as usual we are on hand to share it with you. This episode follows on from the previous four that we have shared with you and continues with the high quality poker that we have come to expect from the players.

The usual suspects of players were once again at the invitation only high stakes cash game including Mike “The Mouth” Matusow, Greg Mueller, Tom Schnieder and Kirsty Arnett as they returned to putting on a good show of poker.

This episode continues on from last week where we are sure you remember some fireworks on display. Many of you will be wondering what happened next, which this episode will certainly let you know.

There was a well documented bust up between Mike “The Mouth” Matusow and Shaun Deeb after the latter deliberately slow rolled the former. This episode still sees a bit of tension between the players initially but the players especially that of Kirsty Arnett tried their best to cheer him up.

Eventually he did and it seems that both players made up and put the whole thing behind them. We do somehow believe that Deeb will not be trying to pull off a stunt like that again.

The show this time mixed things up a bit more with a golfing challenge between the poker players and also brought in a fresh bunch of players to take part in the cash game action. The new bunch of players that came into the show were Will Failla, Eli Elezra, David Williams, David Baker, Phill Laak, Lauren Billings and Layne Flack.

Phi l Laak is a regular on these televised high stakes shows due to his interesting personality and colourful fashion sense and it did not take him long to bring some added fun to the tables.

So sit back, relax and enjoy another 20 minute episode featuring some of poker’s most colourful characters going against each other on the high stakes cash table.


We will return with Episode 6 next week, which we are sure is going to be just as entertaining as each of the previous episodes. So please make sure you check in with us once in a while to see if we have shared the latest video.