Poker Night in America New Episodes (vids)

stack of poker chips

The latest two episodes of Poker Night in America have been uploaded and we are once again on hand to share them with you like the previous ones. Episodes 6 and 7 carry on from the previous episodes with a select number of high profile poker professionals being invited to take part.

The invitational cash game allows players to buy in for a minimum of $5k with blinds set at $50 and $25 respectively for the big and small blind with the chance of an additional straddle worth $100. Each of the episodes is around 20 minutes in length and offers an interesting insight into high stakes cash games.

The series so far has already thrown up some interesting action, a foul mouthed exchange and a selection of other segments allowing us to get to know each of the players that are taking part. To see if the two episodes here follow that all up with some more poker drama, you will just have to watch them for yourselves and make up your own minds.

Episode 6 see the return of name such as Eli Elezra, David Williams, Phil Laak and Will Failla returning to the felt to offer up their own individual poker skills, personalities and conversational skills. You get to witness some of the more key hands from the night, coupled with some brave plays and even braver calls.

Episode 7 sees the return of the usual suspects as they take each other on once again at the high stakes invitational cash game of poker for Poker Night in America. This time it features Matt Glantz, Tom Schneider, Kirsty Arnett and Justin Smith among a selection of others and sees them pitting their wits against each other once more.

There is also an interlude where both Greg Mueller and Matt Glantz take each other on in a specialised game of bluff. Each player has to try and establish the name of the poker professional that his opponent has through a range of questions. You will have to watch the episode to discover which of the two came out on top in this special challenge.

We will return with the latest episodes once again once they become available. If you have missed any of them however, you can either access them here or by going directly to the Poker Night in America website.

Check in with us from time to time to not only check to see if the latest videos have been uploaded but also to check on all of the other poker news that is published on a daily basis.