Poker Players Alliance To Speak To The DOJ

The PPA have announced that they will be meeting with the US Department Of Justice to speak about all of the issues that have been surrounding the procedure with regards to repaying the US players the money owed from the previous ownership of Full Tilt Poker. They had actually offered to help the DOJ back in August with regards to the remission process, which wasn’t accepted.

The Executive Director John Pappas will be representing the PPA alongside their internet law expert Marc Zwillinger at the meeting, with Zwillinger a top graduate from Harvard law school and himself a member of the DOJ not so long ago.

They are to be speaking on the behalf of players who are still unaware of how the DOJ will be calculating the total money that it will be refunding to the players. They have also been showing concern at whether or not there will be any adjustments made concerning any uncollected deposits, funds that may have been lost within the payment process and bounced cheques.

Additionally there expected to be issues raised such as what will be happening concerning the non-monetary items on FTP, such as the reward programs Full Tilt Points and the Iron Maiden Medals. Also players have become a little bit disgruntled at the lack of communication from the DOJ and just want to know what sort of timeline is in place, especially after witnessing the rest of the world gain access to their lost funds.

Should It Be This Difficult?

Both of the representatives of the PPA plan to attempt to make the DOJ aware of methods that can be used to make the remission process an easy one for each of the players to complete.

As it stands, players in America can actually log into FTP and make a request for a transaction history of their account using the Full Tilt Poker client, yet there is nothing to suggest that the balances that they see are going to be reflected in the refund from the Department Of Justice.

A major part of the deal that was struck between both PokerStars and the DOJ was that PokerStars was to pay $159 to the DOJ to repay the funds owed to all American players that the former ownership of FTP owed.

The DOJ were said to be looking for help from claims administration companies with the closing date on all applications supposed to have been closed on the 31st of August, yet there has been no further information in the last month and a half to confirm or deny whether anyone has been taken on board to help.