Poker Players Read Mean Tweets About Them (vid)

tweet screen

Poker professionals Kara Scott, Sam Trickett, Roman Romanello, Jamie Kerstetter, Charles Chattha and Ben Yu were all given a little bit of a treat in between playing at the World Poker Tour Venice Carnival this week, a mean tweet from one of their twitter followers.

The WPT wanted to gauge the reactions from each of the players and the end result was hilarious. They probably have to put up with tweets like this on a regular occurrence from some of the people that regularly use the social media site but it’s great to actually see their physical reactions.

We have just two questions, does Kara Scott really look like a bottle of tomato ketchup and was there no better ‘mean tweet’ than the one given to Jamie Kerstetter? All being said, it’s pretty funny stuff so check it out for yourself below.

What Jimmy Kimmel has started with various celebrities can be easily done with poker players as well.