Poker Professionals Share PGA Love

golf ball near cup

If you have followed poker and the bigger name players in the game today, there is something that you might have noticed, that the majority of them love their sports too. You might be thinking that this is just because they like to bet on the results but you would be wrong. If you were to take a look through their twitter accounts, aside from all of the hand analysis and score counting during their poker tournaments, you will see the love that they show for a wide range of sports.

Daniel Negreanu loves ice hockey and golf, Phil Ivey loves pretty much anything, especially boxing and Doyle Brunson loves nothing better than basketball. Many do like to bet on the results but that just adds to the excitement of the games when there is some money on the result.

This love was evident during the World Cup and has been shown to be true once more with the amazing PGA Championship that has recently just taken place. The World Cup coincided with the World Series of Poker, which just added to the already electric atmosphere in Caesars, as patriotic fans visibly supported their nation of choice through wearing football shirts and caps.

As for the PGA Championship, it was extremely close. The tournament title was eventually claimed by Northern Irishman, Rory McIlroy after he beat out Phil Mickleson by a solitary shot to clinch his second major title in a row.

This continues his status as the world’s number one golfer and is now just missing the US Masters to complete the achievement of winning all of the major titles. This young man is already a legend and he is still so young at just 25.

The event had the world and as it seems the poker world too, watching in awe at the sensational golfing skills that were on display. Many top professional poker players took to twitter to air their opinions on the game and that of the performance of McIlroy.

Below are just a few of those tweets but we are sure if you were to dig deep enough you would find a whole host of other players giving their opinions.