Poker pros discuss prop betting at PCA 2014 (vid)

Norwegian poker pro Johnny lodden

Poker players frequently bet on events that have nothing to do with their game of choice and there is always someone ready to issue a challenge at the tables. Furthermore, regardless of how strange such a challenge might sound, there are people willing to take on the bet and the outcome is rarely predictable.

Johnny Lodden, Theo Jorgensen and Ville Wahlbeck have answered a couple of questions at a Q&A held during PCA 2014, with the purpose of helping players avoid those bets they are likely to lose. Jorgensen presented the audience with an original prop bet that would have had him racing a penguin over a 60m distance. His training proved useless, not because the penguin was faster but due to the fact that the bet was cancelled to avoid animal rights abuse.

Johnny Lodden is not the best guy to bet on when it comes to sports, but his performance at the golf course once cost his friend a six digit amount. Now he stays away from pretty much all prop bets that are even remotely related to sports, but he can still provide informative advice.

Ville Wahlbeck made some powerful remarks about prop betting and provided the audience with useful answers to most of the questions. He told them about his successful basketball bet at the EPT London 8-Game and a wager of less than $50,000 with Gus Hansen. His theory is that if you bet a reasonably high amount that doesn’t surpass that threshold, Hansen is less likely to train seriously for it, therefore you have a better chance of winning.

The three poker professionals highlighted the importance of using carrots when betting and how to win by betting on unhealthy habits such as smoking. One of the most interesting upcoming bets is the one involving Viktor Ramdin who will be racing Jorgensen over 50 meters on a beach at the Atlantis Resort.

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