PokerSchoolOnline Bonuses With Shooting Stats!


PokerStars PokerSchoolOnline has always worked hard at trying to not only improve their players’ poker playing skills but also to give them the opportunity to win some money at the same time. They have now decided to give players the chance at winning a share of $2,000 each and every month by being a little bit tricky at the tables.

They have recently added a “My Stats” feature to all of their members that allows them to track their results and use them to improve their game. It is these stats that are going to be able to allow you the chance at a share of that $2k each month.

Be Tricky

They will be using two different stats each month for players to try and get to the top of the leaderboard, with the first two being that of ‘trickiness’ and ‘shooter factor’. The players that get in the top 100 for either of these stats will get a share of $1k, get into the top 100 on both and you get a share of $2k.

To take part players will have to sign up to PokerSchoolOnline if they have not already done so and take part in the regular freeroll events called the ‘Open Skill League’. To qualify for the awards each player has to play in at least five of these events in a month.

The great thing is, is that the ‘Open Skill League’ already hands out $11,800 in awards each month just by competing and you could even earn a place into the ‘Premier Skill League’ that brings a prize pool of more than $30k each and every month.

You can learn more about this excellent new feature at PokerSchoolOnline by heading over to their website. You will also get to see what else they offer players with regards to improving their poker skills at the tables.