PokerSchoolOnline Discusses “ElkY” Hand (vid)

boom hand replayer

Over at the PokerStars PokerSchoolOnline, they have been running a series of videos called ‘Poker Bites’ in which members of PokerStars Team Online educate their viewers on how to play in certain spots and with certain hands.

The latest of these Poker Bites videos is about a hand that was uploaded to the PokerStars Boom Player by ever popular  PokerStars Team Pro Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier. This hand has become one of the most discussed hands on the player since its upload and it has now been analysed by members of Team Online for the purpose of this video.

The hand is dissected by the likes of Isaac Haxton, Randy “nanonoko”Lew, Alex “Kanu7” Millar, Felix “xFlixx” Schneiders and Tyler “Frosty012” Frost, allowing viewers to get a real idea as to whether “ElkY” played the hand correctly.

They take the hand through every street and have a Team Pro or two commenting on what they would have done in that situation, which would be the right play and offer any other advice for players in a similar situation to this one.

Check it out and see what you would have done!


As you can see, most are in agreement that “ElkY” did nothing wrong in the hand and that most of them would have played it in a similar fashion.

PokerStars PokerSchoolOnline is a free to use training site for newcomers to poker and offers a great selection of tools, training videos and exams designed to improve players with a variety of experience. We all know how hard it can be to move up a level when playing poker and this training site really helps us all to just why.

It is all very well knowing a few basic strategies and the hand rankings but to become a more competent player there is still so much more to learn, If there wasn’t, then we would all be a PokerStars Team Pro wouldn’t we?

There are many other great videos over at PokerSchoolOnline in the Poker Bites section that can be really helpful to players who are learning the game. They have videos that can help you with knowing how to play suited connectors, 3 betting with weak hands, playing small pairs and how to deal with players that make donk bets.

We will bring more videos across from PokerSchoolOnline throughout the coming months so that our readers can learn better strategies for when playing online over at PokerStars.