PokerStars 2012 Macau Poker Cup Championship ME: Day 2

The Macau Poker Cup Championship surged through Day 2 and into Day 3 with another day of hard fought poker action. In the end we saw a field that started as 123 at the beginning of the day whittled right down to just 45 remaining.

The chip leader at the end of Day 2 was actually Ryan Hong who had amassed 430,600 which puts him almost double ahead of his next closest opponent Rui Chen who has 264,200.

The 45 players that survived through to Day 3 will now be hoping they can survive just that little bit longer to make the top 31 which is where the cashing places start. This was expected to be achieved on Day 2, however as it ended up we still have a good 14 players to be eliminated first.

Hongs key hand of the day happened late on in the day and in fact in the very last level. He managed to eliminate Day 1b chip leader Yanqin Huang in a massive pre-flop pot, Huang was holding pocket fours but was outdone by an ace on the flop to give Hong the win whilst Huang was eliminated.

Others Who Hit The Rail!

We lost both of the PokerStars Team Pros who were involved in the event, Bryan Huang and Raymond Wu. We also lost Michael Marvenek and Jay Tan with the latter suffering what can only be described as a brutal hand.

She flopped a straight whilst holding the Ac-4c and the flop showed 5d-2s-3c, but the turn and river were extremely unkind as it gave her opponent runner-runner two’s for the full house.

Players Still Involved!

There are still some very high quality players left in play though, with the likes of Sparrow Cheung sitting with 217,100, Lisi Wei coming along nicely at 208,800, Shaq Lin who is the current Asian Player Of The Year holding 205,100. There is also Darren Yoon comfortable on 103,700, Victor Chong who is struggling a little bit with 50,400, Jessica Ngu quietly building a stack that sits at 95,500 and Robert Streatfield with 54,100.

The Current Top Ten Leaders:

Ryan Hong (AUS) – 430,300

Rui Chen (CHN) – 264,200

Jin Wenlong (CHN) – 255,900

Lei Zhang (CHN) – 239,700

Sparrow Cheung (HK) – 217,100

Lisi Wei (CHN) – 208,800

Hung-Sheng “Shaq” Lin (CHN) – 205,100

Hon Cheung Kwong (HK) – 153,100

Ying Kit Chan (HK) – 142,800

Andy Asihwardji (CND) – 135,600

Day 3 will see the 45 remaining players return to the felt today at the PokerStars Macau Poker Room, with us ready to bring you all of the updates you need as and when they happen.