PokerStars 2012 Macau Poker Cup ME: Day 3

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Day 3 of the PokerStars 2012 Macau Poker Cup 2012 was by far the shortest of them all so far, with just four and a half levels being played before the final table was set. It was Rui Chen who hails from China who will be going to that table as the chip leader, after having a very successful late charge.

There were 45 players who originally started on Day 3, with only 31 of them to be paid it was high octane stuff as players tried to make the moves to get themselves safely in the pay leagues. There were eliminations hard and fast as we were quickly at the bubble and hand for hand.

The Bubble Boy!

The unfortunate player was Tan Tai Zheng who went home just a solitary place from being awarded any money; he was eliminated by Sunny Jung who after this hand went on a real surge up the rankings. This meant that each of the players remaining was guaranteed of winning at least HK$36,100 with the amount increasing dependent on finishing position.

Once all players were safe, it started another real flurry of eliminations with Darren Yoon, Andy Asihwardji, Jian Yang, and Jil Maley all heading for the exits. The next to go was one of the top five chip leaders coming into Day 4, Sparrow Cheung had been having a torrid time and went out in 27th place.

We then lost a lot of players in the next couple of hours as notables such as Milad Sheva, Amit Varma, Hoi Ting Lee, Yifan Zheng and Shanshan Zhao. In the case of Hoi Ting lee he was actually chip leader at one stage during the day.

One big stack that came into the day did eventually get to the final table and that was Ryan Hong, though he was constantly battling for supremacy with both Rui Chen and Sunny Jung.

Originally the final table was meant to beset with ten players, yet Rui Chen clearly had other ideas when he took two players out in one hand. He held pocket aces and won the three way hand against Xing Zhao and the ever impressive Satrya Teja.

The Final Table:

Seat 1: Ryan Hong – 425,000

Seat 2: Sunny Jung – 888,000

Seat 3: Kevin Kung – 469,000

Seat 4: Yosuke Sekiya – 624,000

Seat 5: Jessica Ngu – 461,000

Seat 6: Lisi Wei – 713,000

Seat 7: Robert Streatfeild – 159,000

Seat 8: Rui Chen – 1,325,000

Seat 9: Jin Wenlong – 184,000

Each of these players will be fighting it out for the HK$1,108.500 and the prestigious title. Stick with us as we bring you report and the results from the final days play tomorrow!