PokerStars Allows Use of FPP’s For Charity

The word charity

We all remember the devastation that Typhoon Haiyan caused over in the Philippines not too long ago and the immediate donations and aid that was given from people, organizations and companies the world over to help those that were affected the most.

PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker themselves did more than their bit by allowing players to use their client to donate money and even matched each and every donation from their own pockets. This meant that donations of $280,039 to CARE international were turned into $560,078 once doubled by the sites.

CARE International which is an international disaster relief organisation and a partner of PokerStars brought in many other donations and were quick to share with PokerStars what they were able to do with them.

Those donations gave food relief to more than 250,000 people, gave 60,000 people emergency shelter supplies, another 60,000 were given shelter repair kits whilst almost 20,000 received direct cash transfers.

Donate with FPPs

Well in a new initiative, PokerStars now allow players to make donations to either CARE International or Cancer Research UK through the poker client at any time they want rather than just when an incident occurs. Players can donate via their FPP’s (frequent player points).

This is just a pilot scheme for now but PokerStars do claim that they want to be able to add many other charities and causes to the two that are already listed in the future. For 1,200 FPP’s donated, $20 will be sent from PokerStars to the charity of your choice. This money will then be put to good use at helping those that need it.

Sue Hammett who is the Rational Groups Head of Corporate Giving said on PokerStarsBlog:

“We want you to be able to give back when you want, not just when we ask you to help, you now have the option to turn your Frequent Player Points (FPPs) into charitable donations for CARE International (our international disaster relief partner) and Cancer Research UK (the world leading cancer research charity),”

“We hope to expand the list, but these are our partners for this pilot. Whether it’s a celebratory donation after a good session or a shot at getting some karmic ‘run good’ ahead of the Sunday Million, we know that the charities and the people that they help will really appreciate it.”

All in all, poker in general has been making a good effort on the whole to do their bit for charity. Many of the top professionals are involved in charity in some way or another and the biggest poker sites are always at the ready to offer a helping hand. Long may it continue!