PokerStars Among 12 Licenses In Schleswig-Holstein

The German state Schleswig-Holstein has issued 12 licenses to online casino’s/poker sites today, with PokerStars one of the first to be granted approval. The state released a press statement today revealing these details, with them also stating that more licenses would be issued shortly.

The licenses will give operators such as PokerStars an ability to offer their online poker/casino games services to the people of Germany.

There are certain regulations that must be abided by though, with each of them designed to protect each of the players. These regulations include the banning of any form of poker bots, casinos have to remind players by the hour of how much that they have either won or lost, whilst the operators have to be completely transparent with how they ensure that all player data and the IT infrastructure is secure.

Confusion In Germany

This news ultimately just makes the online gaming affairs in Germany that so much more confusing. The has recently passed some new online gaming regulations that have been passed, with these regulations only allowing a very limited number of only sports betting licenses. Of the 16 states in Germany, 15 of them agreed to these regulations with only Schleswig-Holstein passing their very own regulations.

Their personal regulations allow an unlimited number of licenses, with the licenses open for more than just sports betting, they allow poker and casino based websites to offer their services. They recently gave out 15 licenses to online sports betting sites and have now today added to that number with 12 more licenses for both online poker and casino based games.

The coalition government is not happy with this however, with them doing their utmost to try and repel these state gambling regulations. They did consider revoking the licenses but quickly realized that even they did have the legal power to go through with it.

Each of the licenses will be valid for a good six years, with the sites now able to allow any German based player the right to access their sites. These licenses are just the start too, with there a further 42 awaiting approval.

Many industry groups have claimed that the current German stance with regards to online gambling is illegal with regards to EU law. They have submitted complaints to the EU, with the European Union ordering Germany to display proof that their bans on online poker can in fact be justified.

The regulations set by the state of Schleswig-Holstein have already been given the full approval of the European Union Commission.