PokerStars Announce New B000000M Promotion!

PokerStars have announced a chance for their players to win a total of 100 free big blinds, by using the boom player to record a set amount of hands that have been previously selected by some of the PokerStars Team Pros.

The competition will start this Monday the 22nd October, with each player having to win that days selected hand with the exact cards as the hand that was chosen. If the player manages to win the selected hand on any day throughout the week and has recorded it using Boom, they will win 100 big blinds.

How To Win!

To win you have to win a hand on any given day of the week with the chosen starting hands in a showdown against any player on the PokerStars tables, whilst of course recording the action.

What Do You Win!

If you match the hand chosen and win with identical cards and manage to Boom it, you will instantly win 100 free big blinds at whichever stake you are playing at.

The Winning Hands!

Monday 22nd – 8d-8h – this is probably the most pivotal hand in Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier’s career, he made the call with this hand when he was in a heads up session with Hafiz Khan. His hand won and it gave him the much sought after Triple Crown.

Tuesday 23rd – Ah-4s – This hand was actually a losing one. It occurred back in 2004 when David Williams actually finished as runner up to Greg Raymer in the WSOP Main Event. Each player actually hit a full house, except Raymer’s was better with his pocket eights.

Wednesday 24th – 7c-5c – This hand originally started out as a bluff by Victor Ramdin but it eventually led to him beating Joe Hachem for a tournament win of $500k.

Thursday 25th – 4h-4d – This hand netted Team PokerStars Pro Eugene Katchalov $1,500.000 million against his fellow Team Pro Daniel Negreanu in the PCA $100k High Roller. His opponent actually held pocket fives which were busted by the Russians pocket fours.

Friday 26th – Qd-Tc – Randy Lew managed to take down his biggest ever score during the APPT Macau to the tune of $3,772.000 after seemingly being written off as just an online player that could not cut it live.

Saturday 27th – 7h-Ks – This is the magical hand that turned Chris Moneymakers satellite qualification into the WSOP Main Event into a huge $2,500.000 payout as well as a bracelet and a world title.

Sunday 28th – 3d-2d – This is the new PokerStars Team Pro Isaac Haxton at his best, he used this hand to successfully bluff an opponent on a board that was paired, which eventually made his opponent fold.