PokerStars ANZPT Auckland Day 1c – Xia In Front

It’s been a busy first few days at the Australia New Zealand Poker Tour, with three Day 1 flights now in the bag as we head into Day 2 tomorrow. The player who managed to not only top the field on Day 1c but top the overall leaderboard going into Day 2 was Xioa Dong Xia with a staggering 180,600 chips.

Day 1c represented the last chance for new players to enter the event, with 86 of them eventually hitting the felt. This meant that the total amount of players that had registered over the past three days had reached 207. This created a prize pool of $338,238 with the winner set to walk away with $87,941. It also meant that there would only be 24 players lucky enough to leave the tournament with some money in their pockets.

By the end of the day there were just 26 players who would be seeing Day 2, which when added to the other remaining 50 from the first two flights of Day 1 means that there will be 76 coming back tomorrow at 12.30pm local time, where they will be whittled right down to that final table.

The Halfway Mark!

Around the midway part of the day, we had already lost around half of the field after an extraordinary first half of the proceedings. Players were falling left, right and centre with some big names being amongst them.

PokerStars Team Pro Bryan Huang was one of the early casualties, whilst we also lost two former winners of this event in Danny Leaoasavaii and Simon Watt. Watt was actually looking pretty good at one stage but come unstuck in a very unlucky set of circumstances.

He held pocket aces and managed to get his opponent Stephen Mackay to stick all of his chips in the pot pre-flop. It was almost a perfect scenario for him as he saw that his opponent was holding pocket kings, however as many of you poker players will know, on many occasions those aces get cracked just as they did on this occasion.

That sent McKay up near the top of the leader board, however he simply could not compete with the performance of Xia. The pair actually clashed with Xia coming out on top with the same hand that had won McKay such a big hand earlier, pocket kings. McKay only held pocket sixes and this time he was unable to defy probability and his stack was reduced significantly.

The Overall Top Ten From Day 1:

XiaoDong Xia – 180,600

Monica Eastwick – 137,000

Patrick Lui – 105,700

Pravin Harji – 88,000

Emile Gissaud – 80,200

Kani Edwards – 72,700

Keith Walker – 70,200

Jamie Mulligan – 70,200

Mike Stecker – 65,100

Dennis Shikhu – 62,500