PokerStars ANZPT Auckland – Smith Speeds To Title

The PokerStars Australia New Zealand Poker Tour came to an end last night as we witnessed the final table play out to a deserved winner in Geoff Smith. He won NZ $80,502 after navigating his way past a tough final table of nine that included names such as Pravin Harji, Graeme Putt and Monica Eastick to take home the title, bragging rights and the winner’s cheque.

The final table once underway proved to be one of the quickest affairs we have seen in some time, with it all done and dusted after just four hours.

Before we knew it there were already two players gone as both Patrick Healy and Graeme Putt were sent to the rail. Then just as we thought it might settle down for a bit another three players were gone in the blink of an eye. Ziaodong Xia, Miroslav Sheynin and Jamie Mulligan all followed each other out of the door in 7th, 6th and 5th respectively.

This left us with just four players remaining with us all convinced that this rapid pace will not last, how wrong we were! The final four made a deal to chop the prize pool meaning that there was now only a small remaining amount to play for.

That deal indeed encouraged the play to continue at its lightening quick pace. In fact no more than twenty minutes after the deal had been made, we lost Monica Eastick as she pushed all-in with pocket tens but ran into the pocket aces of eventual winner Geoff Smith.

Smith then eliminated Pravin Harji in third place too. He again held a bigger pocket pair with queens versus his opponents eights. They again held out and we were left heads up between Smith and Martineau.

Having a 3 to 1 chip lead meant that his opponent would have a tough time; however he did start to claw into Smiths lead for a while before the final hand occurred. Smith got lucky as the chips went all in on the turn when the community cards read 6h-Js-4d-3s, he was holding the Kh-Js whilst his opponent held the Jd-3c for a two pair.

The river paired the board though as it fell the 4h to give him a better two pair and the title.

The Final Standings! – (New Zealand Dollars)

Geoff Smith – $80,502

Sebastian Martineau – $55,000

Pravin Harji – $55,000

Monica Eastick – $55,000

Jamie Mulligan – $25,875

Miroslav Sheynin – $21,735

Xiaodong Xia – $17,595

Graeme Putt – $13,455

Patrick Healy – $10,350