PokerStars ANZPT Auckland – The Final Table!

With the final table of the PokerStars Australia New Zealand Poker Tour Auckland being reached today, we thought it would be a nice idea to give a short profile of each of the players that will be involved on it tomorrow.

When this event began there were 207 players that were looking to squeeze into the final nine that will be playing tomorrow, however even the best mathematician would not be able to squeeze that many numbers into such a small space.

Here Are Those Final Nine!

Geoff Smith – (347k) Smith is a local player who has been playing the game for around six years in total, after witnessing it on TV and deciding to take it up himself. He had the perfect start too as he won the very first event he ever entered, though it was just a small casino event, he instantly fell in love with the game.

Patrick Healy – (255k) Patrick is an up and coming player that has had an excellent year so far, he finished 5th in the Aussie Millions for the biggest score of his career of $308,842. Poker is still more of a hobby for him though as his main earnings come from being a company director.

Miroslav Sheynin – (510k) Sheynin is predominantly an online player who has made some serious winnings during his time. The local player obviously couldn’t pass up the chance to take part in such a large local event, with the decision proving to be the right one so far.

Sebastian Martineau – (454k) Martineau is the player on the table that has travelled the furthest, he hails from Canada and has been playing poker for more than a decade. Though he is still yet to win any titles of note, his pure dedication and aggressiveness in this event has so far has propelled him to having a great chance of victory.

Pravin Harji – (597k) Harji will be hoping to cook up something special when the final table resumes tomorrow, with the full time chef looking to add some spice to an already equally matched affair. He is still fairly new to the game having played only three years; however he certainly has the ‘ingredients’ to become a good player.

Jamie Mulligan – (987k) Mulligan is the current chip leader as well as being the youngest player at the table at the tender age of 22. He will be difficult to beat with a stack that is almost double his closest rival, with him claiming that his best poker memory is right now.

Xiaodong Xia – (169k) Having only started to play the game less than two years ago, Xia has had a good year so far having come 7th in the ANZPT Queenstown whilst he was unfortunate not to cash in an event in Macau.

Monica Eastick – (458k) Easttick certainly wins one award, for being the most talkative player at the final table, though many believe that is one of her ploys. She has been playing poker for around six years and a score here will represent her best ever result.

Graeme Putt – (130k) Even though Putt is the short stack at the table, he is still the favourite in many people’s eyes. This is because of the vast experience he has. He is in fact one of the most well known and loved poker players in New Zealand and would love to finally take down his first major title.