PokerStars Big Weekly Events – More Big Winners


It was once again a very busy weekend over at PokerStars, what with the Turbo Championship Of Online Poker seeing its final weekend of action and then the usual big weekly events in the Sunday Warm-Up and Sunday Million.

With so much action for players to choose from you would be forgiven for expecting the weekly events to take a slight hit with regards to registrations, yet there was hardly any difference at all. We will take you through those two big events and let you know who the latest big winners were at the world’s most popular online poker site.

PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up Special Edition

The PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up was the first out of the big two to finish up, much like it usually does. It attracted another more than healthy field of 5,260 players which in turn meant that the $500k prize pool guarantee was more than doubled to $1,052,000. There was 675 players in that field that were paid out to with the largest slice going on this occasion to “ninototoroko” for winning the event.

He claimed $165,037.76 after coming out on top against “ShP89” during a heads up session that swung in both directions on a number of occasions. Eventually the final hand saw all of the chips find their way into the middle with “ninototoroko” holding the Ad-9d and “ShP89” the Ah-Qd. The eventual winner was behind initially but the board of 3d-4d-9h-Kh-10h came to his rescue.

How It Finished

1st) ninototoroko — $165,037.76

2nd) ShP89 — $122,558.00

3rd) Paul “Paolo69” Foltyn — $86,790.00

4th) R@!$er666 — $59,438.00

5th) Svaeren — $44,170.00

6th) Merfinis — $34,190.00

7th) Jollymakky — $23,670.00

8th) love2hit — $13,150.00

9th) dollarmatian — $8,416.00

PokerStars Sunday Million

Online poker’s most anticipated weekly poker tournament is the PokerStars Sunday Million and despite a heavy schedule at PokerStars currently with the Turbo Championship Of Online Poker also being played out, it still brought in 7,709 players to create a prize pool of $1,541,800. Again the $1 million guarantee was broken and it meant that 1,170 players would be taking away some profit from the event.

“IMS DURNK” took home $231,274.32 for the win after he overcame a very tough final table and “fullhouseiii” heads up. This heads up session saw him start with a 4 to 1 chip advantage over his opponent which he never lost. The final hand saw “fullhouseiii” push all of his chips into the middle holding the Ac-4h which eventually attracted the call from “IMS DURNK” who had the Ad-9c.

The board fell as the 7s-6h-7d-2s-3c and we had our very latest PokerStars Sunday million champion.

How It Finished

1st) IMS DURNK — $231,274.32

2nd) fullhouseiii — $169,598

3rd) Odintsov Spb — $115,635

4th) jl_slz — $77,706.72

5th) R0bbed0es — $61,672

6th)ArtemZ — $46,254

7th) rava123 — $30,836

8th) Sytraxx — $17,730.70

9th) rorschach550 — $11,948.95