PokerStars Bonus Cut Examines Martin Finger Hand (vid)

Ace Jack returned again recently with the latest in their Bonus Cut videos and this time they took a look at a three handed play in the European Poker Tour London Super High Roller earlier in the season.

The particular hand was between him and Tobias Reinkemeier in which Finger was dealt the 10s-8c. That is a very playable hand when down to just three players in a tournament and Finger managed to flop bottom pair.

He attempted to get his opponent off the hand on a number of occasions and as we could not see what Reinkemeier’s hand was until the showdown, it was interesting to imagine what he was holding and calling with on each street.

Finger looked disappointed when both players checked the river and he had lost the hand. Perhaps he was thinking he should have thrown in another bet as he would possibly have knocked his opponent off the hand? Check it out for yourself.