PokerStars Bonus Cut – Jennifer Tilly (vid)

jennifer tilly

In the latest PokerStars Bonus Cut to be released over on, we all get to absorb some of the personality of Jennifer Tilly, the actress turned professional poker player.

Jennifer Tilly is well known for the dozens of movies that she has appeared in over the years but in the last decade she has moved away from that industry to concentrate on poker. This seems to have been a combination of her acting work slowing down a little and her new found love for the game of poker.

What we do know is that she has had pretty decent success on the live, winning a World Series of Poker bracelet back in 2005 after beating a 600 strong field in the Ladies Event for $158,625. In the same year, she went on to win an invitational ladies event held by the World Poker Tour. This is pretty much where the titles ended for Tilly thus far but she has secured a number of good cashes over the years.

To date she has around $600k in career earnings and is regularly invited to play on televised cash games due to her fun and dizzy personality. It is this fun personality which probably drew the similar character of Phil Laak, her boyfriend since 2005. Laak, as you know is also a regular high stakes cash player on the television.

One thing that we did not know was that she once was a SuperNova Elite over at PokerStars after regularly playing 16 tables at a time. The only problem with this was that as she admits, she wasn’t really a winning player at the time despite the volume that she put in. Still, the effort has clearly been there from Tilly to learn and improve which we certainly applaud.

She at least claims that although she feels she has the potential to be good poker player she fully admits that she has some major leaks in her game right now. We expect to see more of her at the felt over the coming years and do actually believe that she does have it in her to become a very decent player.


We will bring you another Bonus Cut video as soon as PokerStars release their next so please do drop by regularly to check if one has been posted up.