PokerStars Bonus Cut Sees Seidel Analyse Big EPT Hand

Opposing heads

The younger and older generation go head to head in a hand during the EPT Vienna Main Event as both Erik Seidel and Christoph Vogelsang explain in the latest PokerStars Bonus Cut just what their thinking was in their respective situations.

Poker Hall of Famer Erik Seidel has been a live circuit pro for decades and his opponent on this occasion was more of an internet player that has been successful enough to turn pro in order to make a living. Both players have completely different styles so it is nice to hear their thought processes on how the hand played out and what they both thought each other held.

The pot ended up being quite big and you could see the potential for both players to have a reason to fold if one was to re-raise. Take a look at the action below and see if you agree on the thoughts and strategies of both players involved in the hand or whether you yourself would have perhaps played it differently.