PokerStars To Help Victims Of Hurricane Sandy

PokerStars have moved to help many people who will not be having the best of times this Christmas season, with the site joining up with the PPA to provide families affected by Hurricane ‘Sandy’ supplies to help them through the cold months.

The hurricane hit America on the East coast at the end of October, with the number of lives it has devastated sitting in the millions. It literally wiped out homes and in both towns and cities, with the tropical storm leaving millions of people homeless.

The devastation this storm caused is going to take many years to be restored, with this being the worst possible Christmas for all of those that were affected.

The Poker Players Alliance were given large quantities of PokerStars clothing , which they distributed to a whole host of charities in the area via Drew Lesofski who is the Grassroots Director of the PPA. The charities then went about handing out the clothing which consisted of warm fleeces and hoodies to a huge line of people who had been patiently waiting outside of the American Legion Hall which is in Keansburg New Jersey.

Poker Giving Back!

Poker in recent years has tried to give back to communities all over the world, it is a big and bustling business that can sometimes get a bad name, however acts such as this by PokerStars shows that poker as an industry is not a bad one at all. Another example would be that of the WSOP Big One For One Drop event hosted just this year promising huge amounts of money that was made by the event to go to charity.

Lesofski went on to claim that he was proud of the fact that both the PPA and PokerStars have come together to offer their help to people who have been left with absolutely nothing due to the horrific hurricane Sandy. Though he admits that what they are doing is only going to be of small help to these people, he went on to say that the community were extremely grateful for all of the donations that they were given.

We would of course like to wish all of the people affected by hurricane Sandy our thoughts during the festive season and of course wish them all the best at trying to rebuild what is left of their home life. We urge players and poker fans alike to personally offer some form of help by donating to a charity directly linked to the disaster.