PokerStars EPT 2012 Barcelona Main Event Day 5 – Sahamies Takes The Lead

We are finally here, the final table of the Barcelona 2012 PokerStars EPT Main Event. The tournament originally started with 1067 players all with huge ambitions of making it this far, well these 8 remaining players have no achieved that dream, now they have a new dream…to win it.

We began with 24 players at the start of play and had eight levels to get through before discovering who exactly would be taking their place at the final table. It was in fact the ever aggressive Ilari Sahamies who ended the day as the chip leader with a staggering 7,885,000 chips, he also has a healthy advantage over his next opponent to the tune of about 1.5 million.

We started as we have through most of the days in this tournament, with eliminations. The first couple of players to make way were Luis Rufus and Alain Roy. They were then followed out of the door by previous EPT Prague winner Roberto Romanello who did well to last up until 22nd place.

Lucille Cailly was next to go, she lost a coin flip against Ole Schemon, her QQ was up against his AK and she was unfortunate to see an ace come out on the river. She walked out of the tournament in 21st place and will be quietly content enough with the 29,400 Euros for her trouble.

Following her elimination we lost another 4 to bring us down to 16 players left, just two tables of action with everybody hoping to be on that final table.

Alekberova and Moreira De Melo then got involved all-in with another coin flip, this time the Q-Q of Alekberove held up against the A-J of De Melo. Once she left us then lost yet another 5 players to finally end up at the bubble for the last position on the illustrious final table.

The bubble boy on this occasion was the unlucky Schemon who went home just one place from the final table, though a healthy payout of 55,100 Euros will have certainly cheered him up a little bit. This has left us with that final table, each and every player left knowing that they now stand a chance of taking home the title.

One thing is certain; when that winner is decided we will be right here to let you know. So keep coming back and we will keep you up to date on what happens during the last day’s action. For now though we will leave you with the standings as they are right now:

1 Anaras Alekberovas 4,430,000

2 Ilari Sahamies 7,885,000

3 Antonin Duda 3,445,000

4 Samuel Rodriguez 6,450,000

5 John Juanda 1,890,000

6 Joni Jouhkimainen 1,510,000

7 Mikalai Pobal 4,410,000

8 Sinel Anton 2,355,000