EPT Deauville Main Event Day 5 – Massive Lead For Castaignon

Yesterday at Day 5 of the PokerStars European Poker Tour Deauville Main Event was all about one man, as Remi Castaignon stormed not only to the top of the leader board but way out in front of anybody else.

He finished the day with 9,900,000 million chips, which is more than double that of Walid Bou Habib who has 3,835,000.

In a storming display he eliminated more than half of the players that were eliminated during Day 5, with the 23 players that started out on the day now down to just the final eight to play out for the title a little later today.

Players That Fell By The Wayside!

We lost the player that started the day with the largest amount of chips, with Cyril Andre being one of the many victims of the player who replaced him at the top Castaignon. He was joined on the rail by Jean Pierre Cymbaluk, James Mitchell, Yury Aznar, Gordon Huntly, Aurelien Guiglini and the super aggressive Eilert Eilertsen.

In one particular hand, Castaignon called the pre-flop all-in of Jean Pierre Petroli. He was holding the Ks-Qh whilst his opponent was sitting on the Js-9h, the board slowly came down as the 2h-Qd-6d-10s-Jd. His opponent went out in 10th place for a payout of €48,000

Castaignon could not have wished for anything better on Day 5, though will be fully aware that many players have still been overcome plenty of times in strong positions like this when going into the final day.

He will not be thinking the title is in the bag just yet and that one more solid display is needed before he can start to count his chickens. Here are the final table standings going into the final day:

The Final Eight Chip Counts And Seating Positions!

1- Joseph El Khoury – 1,710,000

2- Jeffrey Hakim – 895,000

3- Enrico Rudelitz – 2,690,000

4-Franck Kalfon – 1,195,000

5- Robert Romeo – 1,440,000

6- Walid Bou Habib – 3,835,000

7- Noel Gaens – 1,720,000

9- Remi Castaignon – 9,900,000

The final days worth of high quality poker action will be starting at 12pm CET today, with that field now playing down to a winner of the EPT Deauville Main Event title. Make sure you come back tomorrow to see our final report on the event, with each of the remaining players set to receive one of the payouts listed below.

Remaining Payouts!

1st — €770,000

2nd — €475,000

3rd — €275,000

4th — €215,000

5th — €165,000

6th — €125,000

7th — €87,800

8th — €60,000