PokerStars EPT San Remo Main Event Day 4

The PokerStars European Poker Tour San Remo Main Event is now right at the business end of proceedings as the field has been whittled right down to just 24 players remaining. The NLHE event is now about to go into Day 5 after Day 4 saw a new chip leader emerge, as Jason Tompkins had a storming day and built his stack up to 2,423,000.

That’s put him around400k ahead of the previous chip leader who had been at the top for the two previous days play, Inge Forsmo though will not be too worried as he is still in with an excellent chance with 2,025,000. Completed the top three is Ludovic Lacay who has amassed 1,731,000 so far in the event.

Amongst the more notable names still in the tournament there is Matt Salsberg who has 783k, Michael Benvenuti who holds 760k and Yevgeniy Timoshenko who still has a fighting chance with 533k.

Irishman Tompkins began his rise to the top early in the day when he managed to eliminate Scotsman David Vamplew, when he raised to 17k under the gun, Vamplew raised that amount to 40k, Tompkins again raised to 116k and Vamplew pushed all-in for 463k. Tompkins quickly made the call before laying down his Ad-Kd whilst Vamplew showed pocket queens.

The board came down as 9d-5s-3d-Jd-4d to give Tompkins the nut flush and send Vamplew to the rails in 62nd place. That win took Tompkins to over the one million mark for the first time, yet he wasn’t finished just yet.

How The Day Finished!

As the day got to just two eliminations from the end Jonas Mackoff put in a raise from under the gun, the PokerStars Team Pro Luca Moschitta three bet that to 300k which was all of his chips and Mackoff called. Mackoff held pocket queens whilst Moshitta was behind with pocket nines, the board of 10c-sd-2s-2h-7c couldn’t save him and he was eliminated in 25th.

Notable players that made the cash but were still eliminated included Robert Romanello in 65th, Vamplew who we already know finished in 62nd, Mike Watson who ended the event in 59th and Justin Bonomo who did well to finish up in 36th.

The very final hand of the day occurred when Haxton who was a short stack had no real choice but to call a raise of 50k by Charly Maracchione. He held Jc-5c whilst his opponent had him dominated with the Ac-Kh, his fate was sealed when the board read Kd-Qh-10c-3h-5s.

The Top Ten On Day 4!

Jason Tompkins – 2,423,000

Inge Forsmo – 2,025,000

Ludovic Lacay – 1,731,000

Negjdet Avdylaj – 1,702,000

Angelo Recchia – 1,700,000

Jonas Mackoff – 1,691,000

Iulian Ruxandescu – 1,218,000

Jason Lavallee – 1,066,000

Micah Raskin – 1,042,000

Adrian Piasecki – 1,000,000