PokerStars European Poker Tour Barcelona Main Event Day 3 – Down To 61

After Day 3 of the PokerStars EPT Barcelona Main Event finished up we now have a field of just 61 players remaining, this was reduced from the 207 that started the day and the 1082 that began the event.

The event which is being hosted at the Casino de Barcelona has involved the usual high octane action that has made it one of the most popular events in the world. The chip leader after Day 3 was Antonin Duda who managed to amass a very healthy $1.47 million.

He gathered most of his chips by engaging the Day 1b chip leader Guy Bachar; they had an enthralling battle of which Duda came out as the winner. Bachar had continued his momentum throughout Day 2 and then started Day 3 full of confidence, except Duda wasn’t the stone he couldn’t overturn.

The major hand that swung the fortunes of both players was when Bachar tried to bully a hand with a six-bet all-in, Duda called for a total of 574,00 which made a mind boggling pot of 1.2 million. Bachar had become too accustomed to his bullying ways and would have been shocked to see the call when he was only holding unsuited 8, 7.

Duda was holding pocket kings and as the flop only came down as 5,J,2, there was little chance of Bachar making a hand. He actually walked away from the table at this point mumbling something, only to return to see that the turn and river of 9, Q, had not helped his bluffing ways.

Duda was the player who in fact finished off Bachar, after the latter pushed all in on a flush draw. However, Duda hit trips and the tournament was over for one of the early leaders. He wasn’t the only notable name to finish on Day 3 though.

Others that left included Barry Greenstein, Sam Holden, Theo Jorgensen and Sebastian Ruthenberg. However, the bubble boy is always the place players never want to be eliminated and this time around is was Aliaksei Bolka who couldn’t overcome pocket queens with his pocket eights.

PokerStars Pros Who Perished

Daniel Negreanu had a fairly decent tournament up until Day 3, though it would be his last. He went out with a whole host of PokerStars Team Pro members during the day. He was joined by Joao Nunes, Xuan Liu, Henrique Pinho, Randal Flowers, Ana Marquez, Angel Guillen and Juan Manuel Pastor on the rail.

The Top Ten After Day 3

Antonin Duda 1,470,000

Samuel Rodriguez 1,416,000

Ilari Sahamies 1,269,000

John Juanda 968,000

Fatima Moreira de Melo 955,000

Zimnan Ziyard 940,000

Marcos Fernandez 926,000

Lucille Cailly 902,000

Felix Kretchmann 867,000

Aku Joentausta 862,000