PokerStars EPT San Remo Main Event Day 3 (vids)

Yesterday saw the completion of the third days play at the PokerStars EPT San Remo, with the chip leader from Day 2 still in front after Day 3. There was seven hours worth of play in total with the two headline makers being chip leader Inge Forsmo and the unfortunate Renaud Desferet becoming the bubble boy.

Though Forsmo started the day as chip leader, he did actually lose it for quite a while. However he played a strong aggressive game through the bubble period and eventually pushed his chip stack to 1,021,000 by the time the day’s action had finished.

This is not a bad achievement by a player who readily admits he doesn’t really have much patience when it comes to live tournaments, a claim that was backed up when he moved all-in with just a ten high within the first hour of play on Day 1.

Others In The Mix At The Top!

Forsmo has a fairly decent lead over his closest rivals but not one that gives him too much breathing space. He has Angelo Recchia chasing him down with 851k, Carmelo Vasta not too much further behind with 844k, Laurent Polito bouncing along nicely with 717k and David Vamplew quietly stalking his prey with 547k.

Other notables that are still in contention include Ludovic Lacay, Roberto Romanello, Shaun Deeb, Justin Bonomo and one of the form players of recent tournaments Matt Salsberg. The PokerStars Team Pros had somewhat of a mixed day at the felt with the highest placed of all of them being Luca Moschita who holds 289k in chips.

Hoping To Break Some Records!

Both Liv Boeree and Rupert Elder were chasing the same records in this event, to become not only the first double title holder of an EPT event but also to become the first player to have two EPT San Remo Main Event titles. Neither is going to be able to fulfill that ambition though as Elder busted out fairly early and Liv Boeree finished just after the bubble was broken to at least win a minimal payout.

With regards to the notables who were eliminated without being paid, there was Jude Ainsworth, Sam Trickett, Kyle Cheong, Pius Heinz, Bryan Paris and Rob Yong all heading for the exits on Day 3. There were also some big names that were eliminated in the paying places too with names such as Chris Moneymaker finishing in 116th, Sam Razavi in 70th and Ana Marquez in 104th.

The remaining players will all be returning to the felt today to be whittled down to just 24 players, with play starting at 2pm CET.

Watch some videos from Day 3 as seen on