PokerStars EPT San Remo €10,000 High Roller

Whilst the Main Event was finishing up, we also had the completion of the EPT San Remo €10,000 High Roller to report on too. Whilst Joel Nordkvist came into the day with a massive chip lead it was actually Benny Spindler who managed to win the event and add another EPT title to his name.

This was his third European Poker Tour title, with his first title also coming in a high roller event. His first title was at the 2011 EPT Tallinn High Roller, where in an unbelievable year he had also managed to win the European Poker Tour Main Event in London.

With regards to this event, he certainly did not have an easy task; he had to navigate his way past an extremely tough final table that culminated in a very long five hour heads up battle against Keven Stammen.

As The Day Began!

Spindler actually came into the final day with the second biggest chip stack, which was half that of the Swede Nordkvist. Yet as it finished up the Swede could only manage third place, leaving it down to Stammen and Spindler to fight it out for the title.

In heads up Spindler had a massive advantage when he held 3.409 million chips in comparison to Stammen’s 791k, yet Stammen was not going to be simply rolled over. He managed to claw some back before also doubling up through the eventual winner to make things a lot more equal.

It wasn’t long before they both agreed to make a deal, Spindler guaranteed himself €223,000 whilst Stammen would be sure of taking home at least €200,000. That left only €30,000 to play for and of course the title and of course a Shamballa bracelet.

The final eventually came when Stammen pushed all-in whilst holding 7d-7s, only to be called with Spindler who had a monster Ad-As. It left little chance for Stammen as Spindler even had both of his suits dominated. The community cards read 8d-3d-3s-5c-5h which ended the tournament with Spindler claiming his 3rd EPT title.

Here Are The Final Standings:

1 Benny Spindler €253,000

2 Keven Stammen €200,000

3 Joel Nordkvist €98,500

4 Joseph Cheong €74,100

5 Kent Roed €57,600

6 Philipp Gruissem €41,200

7 Igor Kurganov €32,900

8 Igor Yaroshevskyy €24,700


The end of this event also marked the end of another European Poker Tour tournament, with players already starting to look forward to the next stop on the calendar. One thing is for sure is that the San Remo EPT brought some top class poker action, with next year’s event already being one for all of us to look forward to.